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Great Lakes Window: Why Choose These Windows?

May 22, 2019

Windows do more than just give homeowners a view of the outside world from the comforts of the interiors. These essentials allow natural light to enter and illuminate the home, provide necessary ventilation to keep the air fresh and add beauty both inside and out.

Great Lakes Window: Why Choose These Windows?

No matter how beautiful and effective windows are, however, they all suffer from wear and tear and, over time, will need repair or replacement. When it’s time to replace your windows, you need to choose the most durable and energy-efficient on the market. In this post, Rogers Roofing discusses replacement window options from Great Lakes Window.

Why Great Lakes Window?

Great Lakes Window replacement windows are built on decades of experience. Their windows and patio doors are highly respected, energy-efficient home essentials that will help you save on energy costs while making your home look and feel good.

Great Lakes Windows come in three major lines: the energy-efficient ecoSmart line, the sleek and customizable ComfortSmart line and the durable and classic-looking HarborLight line.

All three lines give homeowners the option to choose from a variety of window styles meant to match any style of home. Here are the window styles they offer:

  • Double Hung 

These are traditional-looking windows with sashes that open vertically to provide ventilation

  • Sliding Windows

A great choice for modern homes, these windows have sashes that open left or right to provide ventilation.

  • Casement Windows

Great for any style of home, these windows are hinged on one side and are cranked open.

  • Awning Windows

Think casement windows, but hinged at the top and cranked to open outward. Best placed underneath stationary windows.

  • Picture and Shaped Windows

Stationary windows meant to provide homes with natural light and great views minus the wind.

  • Bay and Bow Windows

A group of three windows designed to extend outward from an exterior wall, adding a bit of living space to the room in which it is located. Windows at the side can be opened while the window in the middle is usually fixed.

  • Garden Windows

This is the perfect choice for homeowners who love to grow plants. These windows allow sunlight to enter from all sides, and they also provide ventilation via operable sidelites.

  • Basement Windows

Think awning windows, but turned upside down. These windows are hinged at the bottom and cranked to open outward. The perfect window choice to add ventilation to the basement.

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