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3 Reasons to Leave Roofing Projects to a Pro

Dec 27, 2017

Going the DIY route for some small home improvements might be okay. This won’t work, however, if the project involves your roofing system. if you want to prevent further damage and ensure that your system can remain in top form, hire a pro like Rogers Roofing for the job.

3 Reasons to Leave Roofing Projects to a Pro

As experts in Munster roofing, we ensure a safer and smoother process. Here’s why you should always turn to a pro to deal with your roofing needs.

  1. They can keep you safe. Dealing with your roof’s issues by yourself may seem easy, but the task can be especially taxing for an untrained homeowner.  After all, you’ll be working from a great height with the elements at your back. It’s easy to slip and fall if you’re not careful. That’s why you should leave your roofing needs to a premier roofing company like Rogers Roofing. We’ve been providing quality solutions to Indiana and Illinois homeowners’ roofing needs since 1968. We have the necessary safety equipment and experience to work on your project while complying with OSHA requirements.
  2. They know all the local building codes and regulations. Most roofing projects follow codes and standards that are specific to the area. A professional roofer will be familiar with these codes, which they’ll then incorporate to your roofing in Tinley Park, IL. Non-compliance can result in fines and even the forced removal of your new roof. You can avoid this when you choose Rogers Roofing for your project. We ensure superior workmanship that adheres to applicable standards.

  3. They know which materials are best for your home. If you’re planning to replace your roof this season, one of the vital factors you should consider is the right material. Given the extent of options available in today’s market, choosing the one that suits your home best can be overwhelming. A pro like Rogers Roofing carries only the best brands in the industry. Our CertainTeed® shingles, for example, have everything you’d want from a top-tier roofing material–superior durability, weather resistance, and good looks. With our products, keeping your home lovely and protected is more worry-free.
  4. They offer great warranties. You won’t have this guarantee if you decide to go DIY. Rogers Roofing’s CertainTeed systems come with 10-year non-prorated SureStart™ protection covering both materials and installation. This adds an extra layer of protection to you and your new Dyer roofing.

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