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3 Roofing Maintenance Tips for Spring

Mar 13, 2019

With the weather warmer and generally pleasant, spring is the best time to give your roofing system a check and ensure it is still in proper working order. Don’t know where to start? Rogers Roofing offers these tips to help you out:

3 Roofing Maintenance Tips for Spring

1. Schedule of a Roof Inspection

It is important to note that your roof should be checked at least twice a year: during the fall and spring. This is to prepare your roof for storms and winter. You need to schedule a roof inspection and have your roofer thoroughly checked, including looking at the condition of protrusions, flashing, gutters and shingles on your roofing system.

2. Do Needed Repairs or Replacements

After an inspection, your roofers will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing your roof’s current condition. Should any problems require repairs or replacements, make sure you get to them right away to prevent issues from worsening and giving you bigger headaches down the line.


3. Keep It Clean

With everything in bloom again, all sorts of debris will once again find their way onto your roof, especially if you have trees surrounding your property. Keeping your roof clean with professional help will not only ensure your home looks its best at all times, but you’ll also help limit debris accumulation in your gutters, ensuring they work as they should when the rains come. To keep your gutter system clean all year, ask your roofing contractor about gutter protection options available to you.

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