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4 Attic Ventilation Myths Debunked

Oct 31, 2017

Attic ventilation is certainly one of the most misunderstood things about the home. Considering its critical role in preventing excessive moisture and extending roof life, understanding its utility is paramount.

4 Attic Ventilation Myths Debunked

For starters, Rogers Roofing debunks the most persistent misconceptions surrounding it:

1. More Ventilation Means Better

Right-sizing your roof’s intake and exhaust vents is imperative. Insufficient air circulation in the attic can mean trouble, but excessive ventilation can be just as bad. Your roofing system shouldn’t have too many unnecessary vents because each one creates a penetration, which is a soft underbelly that allows water intrusion.

2. Attic Ventilation Is Only Beneficial in Warm Climates

Many homeowners associate ventilation with energy efficiency because it expels extreme heat in the attic. While this holds true, reflective roof surface and proper insulation are significantly more important than ventilation. In fact, adequate attic ventilation can be more beneficial during colder months because it helps prevent moisture damage. Inhaling fresh drafts essentially breathes out moist indoor air. As a result, your attic would remain dry throughout the winter season.

3. Roof Vents Leak Warm Air Out in Winter

Although roofing system’s vents help maintain a cool and dry attic climate, it doesn’t mean they leak out desired indoor heat. If the heat you generate escapes your home through your attic, there’s a problem with your insulation, not your ventilation.

4. The Presence of Roof Vents Is Equivalent to Proper Ventilation

Certain roof vents are more efficient than others, which is why having the wrong ones wouldn’t make an effective ventilation system. While experts agree that the combination of ridge and soffit vents is beneficial, the best solution still depends on your roof design. It takes experienced roofers to determine the most suitable attic ventilation option for your home.

At Rogers Roofing, our proven expertise in asphalt shingle, concrete tile, and metal roofing systems is at your disposal to achieve adequate attic ventilation. Contact us today to talk about your project in detail and get a FREE estimate. We’ll be happy to discuss your roofing needs in Tinley Park, IL, or Munster, Dyer, or any Northwest Indiana area.