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4 Important Things to Include in Your Contractor Agreement

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Every homeowner wants to get the best value for their money, and the contractor agreement is a good place to start. While it is true that you can always hire a lawyer to review and amend your contract, it pays to personally know what’s in it. After all, it’s your home that they will be working on. If you recently hired one of your local roofers in Northwest Indiana, make sure you understand everything that is written in your contractor agreement. Don’t leave out the most essential details, such as the following:


These contracts are written legal documents for your home improvement project. A contractor agreement is usually the document that you and your contractor will consult throughout the renovation, so you need to ensure it’s clear and detailed. Contract basics include the following: (1) The agreement that the contractor will obtain all necessary permits and authorization papers, (2) the payment schedule, and (3) the start and end dates of your project.

Project Description

Another basic requirement is project explanation. Your contractor agreement should contain detailed descriptions of the specific work to be performed, along with the materials to be used. This ensures awareness of both parties about the scope of your renovation project. It may also include particular brand names, description of shingles, and other roofing products to be used.

Payment Terms

Aside from the schedule of payment, there should also be a summary of the total amount to be paid for the completed work. This will give you an idea how much progress has been made and how much work is still expected to be done. The contractor may also ask for a down payment for services or a late fee if payment is not made according to schedule.

Change Orders

Another important detail you need to include in your contract is specific change orders. It’s understandable that there are certain modifications both parties might make while the project is ongoing. These changes might affect the cost of the job, schedule, and other particulars, so it must be presented in writing and countersigned by both the homeowner and the contractor.

Once you’ve hired a good contractor, don’t forget to research on the necessary contents of your contractor agreement. This will help you better organize your home improvement project. Contracts have much information that might take several hours to review. Take your time. You might want to put your contract down for a while and then go over it for a second reading to make sure you thoroughly grasp every piece of information that is written in it.

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