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4 Surefire Signs You Need a New Roofing System

Dec 21, 2017

With their years of experience, roofers can immediately tell if there are issues with your roof. With a little research and practice, even homeowners can determine if something’s wrong with their roofing system. Here are four surefire signs that your roof needs replacement:

4 Surefire Signs You Need a New Roofing System

  1. Excessive GranulationShingle roofs make use of tiny ceramic particles as a countermeasure against the drying effect of the sun. However, these particles can fall off your shingles over time. This process is called granulation, and too much of it is a sign that your roof needs replacement.
  2. Damaged or Missing ShinglesHeavy storms and winds can cause your roof’s shingles to curl, buckle or become completely damaged. Should you see a few missing shingles on your roof, it means that the sealant has lost its strength and is no longer bonding the shingles together. While you can replace shingles, depending on its age, you may want to consider replacing your entire roofing system.
  3. Moss and Algae InfestationMoss and algae growth are tell-tale signs of roof deterioration. You can immediately tell if you have this problem if there are noticeable dark stains on your roof. While you may think of it as a mere cosmetic issue, the truth is that it may be a sign of roof decay, which needs immediate attention.
  4. Wood RotWood rot does not only look bad, but it’s also a precursor to possible structural issues. Common areas on the roof that suffer from it include flashing, eaves and valleys. Make sure to address the problem quickly to avoid further complications.

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