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5 Benefits of Cool Roofing Systems

Aug 15, 2018

When it’s warm outside, especially in urban areas, cool roofs are an excellent investment from both financial and environmental points of view. They’re specially engineered to reflect the sun’s heat instead of transferring it to the property’s interior.

Experienced roofing companies, including Rogers Roofing, Inc., love cool systems because of these five benefits:

Decreased Energy Costs

Cool roofs are synonymous with energy savings. The degree of reduction in your electricity consumption varies from property to property, but, all things being equal, expect to pay less for utilities post-replacement. If you love to use your air conditioner during the muggiest months, then a cool roof will help it run more efficiently.

Reduced Carbon Footprints

The less energy you use, the fewer carbon emissions the power plants produce to meet your electricity needs. Considering that over 30% of your carbon footprint originates from the use of electricity, lowering your demand for it can give Nature a small reprieve.

Mitigated Heat Island Effect

Any savvy roofer will attest to the fact that a cool system can help reduce outdoor air temperatures in cities. As a result, it helps mitigate the urban heat island effect. Cooler outside air slows down the production of pollutants like smog in the metro and decreases the chance of heatwaves.

Diminished Electrical Demand

Cool roofs help prevent power outages. In addition, using electricity efficiently to cool your property during the hottest days helps you pay less during peak demand rates.

Increased Roof Service Life

Investing in a cool roofing system can save you on long-term maintenance. Compared with standard roofs, highly reflective ones don’t deteriorate as fast because they don’t absorb a lot of heat. By experiencing less stress, cool roofing products perform more reliably and last longer.

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