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8 Window Replacement Finds: Know What You Want for Your Home

Nov 21, 2014

Choosing quality replacement windows in Munster IN is a challenging task. Not all homeowners have enough time to look for good windows and weigh their options. More often than not, they simply pick the most popular or affordable choice.

This is where asking for expert help comes in handy. Check with window companies that can provide valuable information about window replacements. At Rogers Roofing, we can provide window information, design tips and a free window quote

To help you select the right window for your home, check out these types:

1. Awning. Frequently accompanies picture windows, casements and other awning windows that are hinged at the topmost part. This is to allow ventilation and lighting without exposing the room to rain and other such weather conditions.

2. Bay Window. Bay windows generally provide more interior space since they protrude out from the exterior siding of the house. It has a large picture window edged by two smaller windows fixed at certain angles which makes for an “inviting” atmosphere. It can be used to create a comfy window seat or small sanctuary within a room.

3. Bow Window. Bow windows consist of four or more windows with the angles forming a gentle outward curve. Dramatically lights up the room for wide viewing and better lighting.

4. Casemaster. Hinged windows that open and close like a book when manually operated. This casement window resists air and water permeation because of its tighter seal.

5. Double-hung. Traditionally, a double-hung window simply has two sashes that glide vertically up and down in the frame. But nowadays they come in variations like Ultimate Double Hung, Ultimate Double Hung Round Top, Ultimate Double Hung Magnum and Ultimate Insert Double Hung, all offered by Marvin Windows.

6. French Casemaster. An exclusive and stylish option that features two windows that turn externally with no center support, for a clear view of the outdoors.

7. Glider. Frequently used by modern to contemporary style houses. This window has a sash that slides parallel to it, making it ideal for homes that have limited space.

8. Shapes. Available in quarter rounds, ellipticals, triangles, hexagons, octagons, trapezoids and other shapes. This window can incorporate almost any shape to add drama to your window.

To know which window will match your home’s architectural structure, check with us at Rogers Roofing. We provide services for roofing in Crown Point IN, as well as services for your siding and window needs. Give us a call today and have our team of experts answer your questions for you.