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A Guide to Conflict Management During Renovations

Apr 26, 2019

The noise from construction and renovation work can cause friction between you and your neighbors. In the worst case scenario, this friction can spark conflict between the two of you. There’s no doubt your neighbors will be inconvenienced by renovations on your side of the fence, but you can do a few things to help make tolerating all the noise a bit easier for them. 

A Guide to Conflict Management During Renovations

Rogers Roofing, a top roofing contractor in the state, lists the steps you can take.

Inform Them About the Renovations in Advance

Personally inform your neighbors of the upcoming renovation work if possible. While there’s no guarantee they’ll be receptive to the news, informing them will allow them to make changes to their schedule. It also wouldn’t hurt to bring them a small gift; a gift card or some pastries might help them be more understanding.

Give Them Your Contact Info

And, while you’re meeting them, leave them your contact info. That way, they can call you if they encounter issues or have concerns.

Work Out a Schedule With Them

In the best-case scenario, your neighbors will be completely understanding even with the disruptions to their routine, but that’s highly unlikely. They can only put up with so much until they reach their breaking point. That’s why you should work out the schedule of renovations with them if possible. This way, you can schedule renovation work at times when they’re not at the house.

Choose a Professional and Reputable Contractor

Make sure you only hire professional and reputable contractors with excellent online reviews. For contractors, giving excellent customer service also means being courteous to their customers’ neighbors.

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