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A Happy Problem for Indiana Home Sellers

Jun 05, 2014

It’s a ‘bad news/good-news’ type of situation for Indiana housing industry. The sales for the year 2014 aren’t as strong as they were in the prior year, and analysts aren’t optimistic of matching the ’13 numbers. But the reason behind the slump is a surprisingly good thing; realtors haven’t been selling as many houses in the state because there aren’t many houses for sale.

Realtors continue to see multiple offers on some homes in high-demand areas, as well as people opting to build after not finding what they want when shopping among existing homes, he said.

Nationally, single-family home sales dropped 7.7 percent in April as compared to the year-ago month, according to the National Association of Realtors. However, an uptick in the month-to-month numbers had association chief economist Lawrence Yun predicting a general upward trend for the rest of the year.

The biggest question facing home sales the rest of this year will be whether enough homes will come on the market to satisfy demand…

Roofing companies in Northwest Indiana have to take a lot of credit for both the lack of supply and the high demand. Rogers Roofing, for instance, explains that people consider the exterior of a home before ever approaching a realtor to ask questions. Roofs take up almost 50% of the visual property, and have a lot of influence in the final decision of a prospective buyer.

It’s the kind of problem that most realtors want to have in theory because high demand and low supply drives up prices, but is a real pain to deal with if they want to stay in business. Roofers in Northwest Indiana hit the nail on the head with whatever it is they’re doing that’s attracting offers left and right.

If you want to take advantage of this situation, you ought to take up some home improvements or simple repairs that will further drive up the value of your home. Since it’s virtually a seller’s market in Indiana, a well-maintained home will attract plenty of buyers and give you the opportunity to dictate your price. Call Rogers Roofing to see if there are any areas you need to fix or change so that your home can fetch the amount you desire.

(Excerpt taken from “NWI homes sales plug along in early going”, NWI Times, May 22, 2014).