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Color Has It: Choosing the Right Roofing Color

May 28, 2014

The color of your roof may not be the first thing you would take into account for any house repair. Still, it pays to consider which hue it should sport. After all, you want your shingle to complement your home’s exterior design and boost your property’s curb appeal.

Choosing the right roof color may not be easy for some, though. Fortunately, you can always avail of beautiful and highly functional roofing system.

First Impressions Count

When it comes to choosing among roofing shade options, keep in mind that first impressions count. Take a look at what the home experts from have to say about this:

Sellers need all the help they can get in today’s housing market. If the outside of your house looks weather-beaten or if there’s any sign of mold growing on the lower clapboards, then you should paint the exterior. Think about it: The first thing a potential buyer sees is the color of the house. And in real estate, first impressions are everything.

In picking a color, keep in mind the character of a neighborhood. If all the houses on the street are beige and tan, don’t paint your house pink.

Every detail is important to achieve a good roofing design, from the landscape to your home’s current layout. That means you should plan well your renovations; make sure you do not have to do things twice. Rogers Roofing, a reliable contractor for roofing Tinley Park IL residents have trusted for years, suggest choosing a particular material and design early. Be it asphalt shingles or concrete tiles, having your options laid out early on can help you pick the right color scheme.

Color Has It

Ultimately, a roof should reflect the identities of the homeowners. When you’re not that confident with your current roof color or design, perhaps it is time to install a new roof. There are Dyer roofing professionals like Rogers Roofing who can give you informed decisions.

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