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Common Solutions to Extend Your Roof’s Life Span

Jun 19, 2018

Your roofing system should never be just left unattended under the sun. In fact, neglecting your roof could even shorten its service life, wasting your investment. Extend your roof’s lifetime for as long as possible by practicing the following:

Roofs Life Span

Routine Maintenance

The best way to preserve your roof’s integrity is by doing routine maintenance. Regular checkups help detect roofing problems before they become major issues. Hire a professional team like Rogers Roofing, Inc., that can inspect your roof and report problems, however small they may be.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters can cause multiple problems. Unfiltered rainwater can seep into your roof’s vulnerable or wooden parts, causing moisture damage and leaks. Roofing companies like us suggest cleaning your gutters at least once a month or after a storm has passed – or at least install a gutter guard.

Trim Overhanging Trees

Keep your local trees in check by cutting off extended branches over your roof. Apart from removing potential roof damage from falling branches, trimming can also prevent mold or blue-green algae formation. Another benefit is you deny access to other vermin that might get on your roof from the trees.

Remove Ice Dams

Ice dams are a problem during winter, but don’t wait for the season to get cold; you can take steps as early as now. Ice dams result from an improper distribution of ventilation in your attic, so make sure you hire experienced roofers to check your ventilating capabilities up there.

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