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The Components of CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System

Jun 15, 2017

The roofing system is not just shingles put together. There are other parts that make it the strong structure that it is, one that protects your home from the elements. For CertainTeed, it’s not enough that you have just any roofing installed.

Integrity Roof System

Rogers Roofing, a SELECT ShingleMaster, recommends a system from a single manufacturing source so it works optimally no matter how harsh the weather conditions become. CertainTeed does not just offer shingles. They offer an Integrity Roof System, which comes with the following components:

Starter Shingles

Starter Shingles are positioned close to the gutter. They work well with any of CertainTeed’s shingles, giving you peace of mind that your Integrity Roof System will be at its best, whether you have a flat roof or not.


We also recommend the use of waterproof shingles as underlayment for the Integrity Roof System. With this, CertainTeed helps protect your home from leaks from wind-driven rain and the collection of ice dams in your roof’s weak spots.

CertainTeed Shingles

CertainTeed offers shingles in various colors and styles. Homeowners need not worry about the quality, as they are covered by the strongest roofing warranty in the business.

Roofers’ Select® or Diamond Deck®

Paired with the WinterGuard®,  Roofers’ Select® or Diamond Deck® strengthen your home’s protection against leaks. The underlayment is water-resistant and acts as the secondary protection from ice dams and wind-driven rains.

CertainTeed Ridge Vent

Your roofing also needs to offer proper ventilation for your home. CertainTeed’s Ridge Vent, especially when paired with intake vents such as CertainTeed Intake Vents, does just that. You will have no humidity problems with a system like this in place.