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Easy Upgrades: 3 Home Improvement Projects to Consider

Apr 17, 2015

When considering home improvement projects, what comes first in your mind? Is it aesthetics? A badly needed repair or replacement? Perhaps, you want to improve energy efficiency and overall home performance. The kind of makeovers you line up is usually based on the purpose you intend to accomplish. Whatever it is, one nonnegotiable element in home improvement is getting expert help.

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As your local roofer in Chicago, Rogers Roofing understands the ins and outs of various home improvement projects. Therefore, if you don’t know which home improvement projects are best for your home, we can help you out. These three easy makeovers will improve the overall functionality and increase the curb appeal of your home big time.

Roof Repair or Replacement

This project usually tops the list of many homeowners however, it’s also the least chosen. Some say it takes a lot of time to replace or repair their roofing, that’s why they don’t bother to do it. This is where a professional roofer’s expertise is highly valuable. Roofing companies, like us, can save you from the risks and hassles of roof work. Don’t postpone any more repair or replacement jobs, especially if your roof is well past its prime. You would be surprised with its benefits.

Siding Installation

Another easy home upgrade is getting new siding installed. Vinyl for one is a popular siding material that is easy to install and maintain. Advanced technologies have also made it possible for insulated vinyl to happen. Insulated vinyl offers the benefits of traditional vinyl combined with top quality insulation for energy efficiency. Wouldn’t it be nice to wrap your home with a quality material that gives all-out protection and lasting beauty? Then consider a siding upgrade.

Window Replacement

Replacement windows, like our products here, are known for their energy-efficient features. With these, you can enjoy a more comfortable home while saving on your energy costs. Furthermore, our window replacement is an excellent source of fresh air, unobstructed view, and natural lighting. These benefits are not offered anymore by just any replacement windows. For efficient installations, simply contact Rogers Roofing.

That’s three easy upgrades to choose from! Make your home more comfortable, efficient, and beautiful without the stress. Here at Rogers Roofing, we have a team that does outstanding work on siding, windows, and roofing in Orland, Park, IL.

In 2014, we were nominated by The Times newspaper as one of the “Best of the Region.” Being nominated has truly been an honor as plenty of customers voted for us, which means we’ve gained their trust. We are happy to share our quality services and products with you. Just call us today at (773) 768-3022 or send us a message to know more about our top-notch home improvement services.