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Ensure Clean Gutters for a Stronger Roofing System

Aug 05, 2015

Most homeowners tend to neglect the cleanliness of their gutters because these are placed just on the edge of the roof. They feel it is always in good condition, as it but a mere part of the roofing system.

Experienced roofing companies in Northwest Indiana will tell you that gutters still require maintenance. The role of the gutter is to channel rainwater and other outdoor debris away from the top of the roofing system.

The Problems You May Encounter

Stagnant water on the roof may weaken the material and attract pests and insects to breed. An overflow may damage the walls. The water can seep into the sidings and through the walls, eventually causing the development of molds that can put your family’s health at risk.

When it comes to outdoor debris like fallen leaves, twigs, and branches, these will bear some weight on your roof. Ideally, your roof is clear of any debris and obstructions, otherwise it may very well end up needing repair or replacement.

The Importance of Gutter Protection

Make sure you keep your gutters clean and healthy. While it does require some work, not everyone simply has the time to go and scoop up fallen leaves and debris off the gutter. There is a way to minimize cleaning time, however, and that’s by getting gutter guards.

At Rogers Roofing, we offer Leaf Relief® to block out the debris from even getting into the gutters in the first place. With its patented design, rainwater flows unobstructed down the gutter and to the pipes. Moreover, leaves, twigs, and branches can easily just fall off the roof. Our product can minimize problems in your roofing in Schererville, IN. It’s also pest- and weather-resistant, so you don’t have to be concerned about its upkeep.

Get in touch with us here at Rogers Roofing to know more about Leaf Relief or about our other products and services.