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Our Excellent Commercial Roofing Options

Nov 30, 2017

High-quality commercial roofing systems are a product of two important factors: excellent workmanship and first-class materials. With more than four decades’s worth of installation experience, Rogers Roofing is one of the trusted roofing companies in the area.

Our Excellent Commercial Roofing Options

We only use materials from some of the notable names in the industry, such as CertainTeed, one of the leading roofing material manufacturers in North America for over a century. With our team-up, you’ll certainly make the most out of your investment. Let us discuss our commercial roofing options:

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen sheet membranes consist of hot asphalt combined with either plastic or rubber additives. They are often layered in between sheets of polyester and fiberglass. Their combination produces excellent weathering resistance, making them some of the most durable commercial roofing options.

  • APP Polymer-Modified Bitumen – APP stands for atactic polypropylene. It is also referred to as thermoplastic extenders. This roofing option requires high temperatures when applied, which is why it’s usually heat-welded.

  • SBS Polymer-Modified Bitumen – SBS, on the other hand, stands for styrene-butadiene-styrene. Compared to APP, this option is more flexible in cold conditions. It is usually installed in hot asphalt moppings or cold adhesives, creating a rubber-like effect that is extremely resistant to the elements. It also features its own adhesive backing.

CertainTeed Flintlastic® SA Roofing Membrane

CertainTeed offers its own self-adhering SBS polymer-modified bitumen roofing membrane, Flintlastic® SA. It is made of premium materials, making it suitable for most low-slope roofs. It comes available in eight colors that complement most of the brand’s shingle colors. Its white option, in particular, has met the ENERGY STAR® requirements for slopes that measure 2:12 and more.

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