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Gerard® Stone Coated Steel Roofs: A Top Choice for Homeowners

Jun 08, 2017

Any homeowner would know that the roof needs to be durable to handle the weather conditions in the area. The state can get a lot of sun, but it can also be subjected to snow, hail, wind, rain, and ice. The constant change in weather conditions may lead to cracking or warping of the roofing if it’s not strong enough.

Stone Coated Steel Roofs

At Rogers Roofing, we recommend Gerard® Stone Coated Steel Roofs for the following reasons:

Saves on Utility Costs

Metal roofing is a good choice especially if the house is in an area that deals with extreme temperatures. Reflective metal roofing helps homeowners save on utility costs in the summer, with savings as much as 40% because of the roofing material’s ability to reflect most of the heat. It also insulates the house, keeping in heat during colder months.

Offers a Variety of Designs and Finishes

Metal is one versatile material. Gerard® Stone Coated Steel Roofs come in various colors and finishes, giving homeowners an option that suits their property’s design perfectly. Homeowners can choose from various metals, such as painted aluminum and copper. Rogers Roofing mentions that the roofing material also comes with an additional layer of protection in the form of a coating that keeps it fade-resistant.

Withstands Extreme Weather Conditions

Gerard® USA’s metal roofing products are made from structural-grade steel, which is then coated with an acrylic base coat. This base coat has ceramic earth-stone granules embedded into it. Gerard® USA did not stop there, however; they also used an acrylic over-glaze, for that long-lasting and durable roofing option that can stand against the elements.

When it comes to roofing material, homeowners want an option that fulfills all their requirements. They want it to improve the look of their home while withstanding weather changes. Gerard® USA understands these customer requirements and has created suitable roofing options for you. Talk to Rogers Roofing for questions about roofing and windows. Call (219) 933-9145 and (773) 768-3022 for your inquiries. We serve Evergreen Park, IL, and Hammond, IN.