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Getting to Know the James Hardie® HardieZone® System

May 02, 2019

James Hardie® roofing products are used in different places to provide homes with beautiful and attractive exteriors that are tough enough to keep it that way. The company’s fiber cement materials are used in the tropical climates of the south and the freezing temperatures of the north.

Getting to Know the James Hardie® HardieZone® System

Homes in the north and south face very different climates and temperatures all year round. While homes in the north face extreme seasonal variations characterized by snow and ice, homes in the south face hurricane-force winds, humid heat and salty sea air – depending on the location.

In order to give homes in these areas and beyond top-quality exterior protection, James Hardie has developed the HardieZone® system: a system that designs and engineers siding and other exterior housing material for the climate in which they are meant to be used.

HardieZone® System

James Hardie developed the HardieZone System based on 8 different climatic variables to arrive at 10 distinct climate zones. These zones differ from one another in terms of specific climate conditions, but most of them are similar to one another in many ways.

James Hardie looked at the common variables between the ten climatic zones and arrived at two major groups, called “HardieZones.”


James Hardie products under HZ5® are engineered to fight against damages caused by cold temperatures, snow and ice. Mostly used for homes up north, these exterior materials are specifically designed to resist damage from moisture in areas with extreme temperature variations.


James Hardie products under HZ10® are engineered to resist moisture damages that include cracking, splitting, rotting and swelling. These exterior siding products are perfect for areas that experience strong sunlight, high winds, hurricanes and storms, mostly down south.

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