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Great Benefits of Rogers Roofing Warranties to Homeowners

Jul 29, 2015

A quality roofing system should not be judged only by its design and appearance. It should also have high quality materials that can help maximize its life expectancy. Re-roofing or roof replacement is a big investment to make for homeowners. This is why it should always be worth the price to avoid wasting money on constant repairs and maintenance.

Why Our Roofing Warranties Stand Out?

At Rogers Roofing, we always start with choosing manufacturers that will supply us with the kind of roofing products and materials that meet our high standards. Our more than 40 years of experience with roofing installation provided us with the knowledge and expertise when it comes to choosing the best and the most cost-effective roofing materials. Because providing customer satisfaction is at the core of our business, we always make sure to give our clients excellent value for their money and strong warranties on any roofing in Crown Point, IN, and Chicago land area.

Our major manufacturer, CertainTeed, in particular, offers one of the strongest roofing warranties in the industry. CertainTeed warranties give greater confidence to our customers, encouraging them to trust our roofing products and installation services.

Lifetime Warranty

CertainTeed’s Lifetime Limited Warranty exclusively comes with its roof shingles products—laminated and selected strip shingles. Just imagine the amount of money you can save from costly repairs and maintenance, including labor cost for Hammond roofing, if your roofing system is protected by our Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Wider Coverage

At Rogers Roofing, we make sure that each of our customers can benefit from the warranties that come with any roofing product or service we offer.

Aside from the Lifetime Warranty, we also provide extended roofing warranty coverage that includes manufacturing and aesthetic defects and even installation. Our roofing warranties also come in different packages to suit the various needs of homeowners.

In addition to our strong roofing warranties, Rogers Roofing is also a business recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a member of Certified Contractors Network (CCN). These accreditations show our high level of professionalism and compliance with prevailing business standards.

Do not be a victim of a bad roofing system. Know your rights as a customer and get the best roofing warranties. Call us today at (219) 933-9145 and obtain a FREE estimate!