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Keep Your Roofing Warranty Coverage Valid

Jan 17, 2019

Manufacturers offer different warranties. Some cover the materials only while others include the workmanship. Some are transferable, and others apply only to the current homeowner/original purchaser of the roof and warranty. Whatever these differences are, roofing warranties can get voided. Rogers Roofing shares the things you should avoid to ensure coverage when you need it.

Keep Your Roofing Warranty Coverage Valid

Putting Off Maintenance

Most roofing warranties have a clause that requires roof maintenance if the homeowner wants to keep their coverage valid. Roofs are, after all, constantly exposed to wear and tear from the elements, and so they’ll will need to be inspected and repaired periodically. A homeowner can’t expect coverage for their roofing system if they can’t prove they’ve been taking care of it.

Scheduled roofing maintenance conducted by professional roofers is usually done every five years or as advised by the manufacturer. Additionally, you should perform visual roofing inspections once or twice a year, and another after every storm. In addition to keeping an eye on your roof’s condition between maintenance sessions, it lets you address small roofing problems before they become bigger and costlier to repair.

Unauthorized Repairs and Modifications

Some homeowners think they can save money by performing their own repairs while the roof is still within warranty. Today’s roofing warranties often cover the cost of replacement and disposal, in addition to the materials. Performing non-professional repairs – or, in some cases, “upgrades” – is considered as applying unauthorized modifications to the roof and can void the roofing warranty. There is also the risk of injury that comes with working on your own roof, and that is something you probably want to avoid.

Improper Installation

Modern roofing systems are complicated and require specially trained installers to ensure proper operation. Incorrect installation techniques and not addressing inherent issues like moisture damage and poor ventilation often lead to a voided warranty. Hiring a contractor that holds a certification from the manufacturer they represent can eliminate such risks. In the event of problems arising from installation errors, the same contractors will likely have a separate workmanship warranty.

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