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Makeover Time: Signs Your Home is in Need of a Remodel – Part 2: Remodeling Your Home – Signs You Need New Siding

Nov 23, 2016

If the roof’s job is to keep you protected from the top, the siding’s job is to guard the sides of your home. Unfortunately, like the roof, siding is also subjected to constant abuse from the elements. Siding options are tough but years of wear and tear will eventually show, prompting your attention. Consider calling a siding contractor ASAP when you experience the following:

New Siding

  • High energy costs – A big part of your siding’s job is to keep your home energy-efficient by keeping indoor heat in and outdoor heat out. If you see a noticeable increase in your electric bill, this means your siding might no longer be as insulative as before, making your HVAC system work harder than it normally would to maintain indoor temperature in the home.   
  • Rotting or warped panels – Moisture damage can severely weaken siding panels, especially those made out of vinyl or wood. Severe cases of rot or warping usually leaves no other option but replacement to get siding back into shape.
  • Missing panels – Even the smallest gaps in your siding can lead to moisture damage. Just missing a few siding panels could greatly compromise your home by letting a lot of water seep through so an immediate replacement will be necessary. Additionally, missing panels can promote air leakage, reducing your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Mold or mildew formation – Like plant growth on the roof surface, mold and mildew on your siding panels is a sure indication that moisture is always present on your siding. While mold or mildew growth may appear like a cosmetic problem, it does point to the fact that your siding is always steeped in moisture. Even when you don’t see damage on the surface, it’s possible that rot is lurking underneath, eating away at your siding from the inside.

When looking for replacement siding, look for one that is easy to maintain, needing no more than regular inspection and cleaning to stay in top shape. This will not only be convenient for you but will also let you save on costs down the line because of the low maintenance requirements.

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