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What It Means to Work With a Licensed Roofer

Mar 26, 2018

It might be tempting to hire unlicensed roofers or fix the roof yourself, but it’s also dangerous and uncertain. You could be doing more damage, which would cost more to repair than it did initially. As a top roofing company in our area, Rogers Roofing suggests working with a licensed and secure company when it comes to your roof and windows.

Work With a Licensed

By-the-Book Knowledge

Working with a licensed contractor means you are working with a professional with real knowledge of their craft. This means they have in-depth know-how regarding effective roof work and access to the best materials as well. They understand and abide by your area’s regulations and standards, and they can even pull all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

Financial Security

With a licensed window and roofing contractor comes insurance and workers’ compensation approved by the state. This means you won’t be liable in case of accidents during the construction. The insurance also covers any unintended property damage. You can access their warranties and get free repairs for any defects. The contract also ensures everything you need is provided to you by that company.

Professional Conduct

A licensed contractor must undergo extensive background checks and meet certain standards both in workmanship and ethics. This means you can trust the roofer to finish the job effectively for your satisfaction and their reputation. They also will not demand illegal payments or get into major disputes with you over the project.

If you want to get in touch with experienced and trustworthy roofing contractors, you can count on us. Rogers Roofing is proud to be a fully licensed company that can cover all your roofing, siding and window needs. If you need us in Evergreen Park, IL, call us at (773) 768-3022 or in Hammond, IN, at (219) 933-9145.