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Minimizing Post-Installation Cleanup: Tips and Tricks

Apr 24, 2019

The installation of a new roof is bound to create some debris. That’s why contractors usually take steps to minimize the mess the work leaves behind. However, you can also take a few measures to reduce the amount of cleanup you’ll have to do post-installation . 

Minimizing Post-Installation Cleanup: Tips and Tricks

Rogers Roofing, one of the top roofing contractors in the state, lists what these are.

Cut Your Lawn and Cover Your Bushes 

The one thing you need to look out for during roofing work is falling debris, particularly nails. Your contractor will usually spread a tarp over an area to catch these, but there’s always the likelihood a few will land on your lawn. A short lawn will make it easier for contractors to look for nails the tarp wasn’t able to catch.

Of course, nails aren’t the only debris. Some roof tiles and tools might accidentally fall off the roof. That’s why you should cover bushes and other ornamental plants in your garden.

Post-installation, it’s also good practice to check for nails that may have fallen onto nearby footpaths.

Cover Your Furniture, Appliances and Vehicles

The pounding and drilling on your roof can cause dust to fall onto furniture and appliances inside your home, especially your attic, and vehicles inside your garage. Draping them with plastic covers can save you the trouble of having to dust them off after the contractors are finished.

Turn Off the Air Conditioner

Turn off the air conditioner to prevent the dust from circulating throughout the house. You can also open one of the windows to let the dust and stale air out.

Contractors usually have their own cleanup policies, and, even if their policy doesn’t cover the cleanup of your home, professional contractors like Rogers Roofing will do their due diligence by taking the necessary steps to minimize the debris left behind.

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