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What You Need to See in the Contract When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Apr 18, 2018

When hiring new roofers, you need to consider a few things. Listing their information might seem like a nice way to learn about them, but that doesn’t mean you should hire the first one you see. Take a look at the contract that they offer before agreeing on anything.

What You Need to See in the Contract When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

So, what do you need to see in the contract? Rogers Roofing, Inc., discusses important details below.

Costs for Labor

When fixing damage to the roof, from shingles to its underlying structure, you need to cover certain costs. Even after doing research on the possible expenses, it’s helpful when the contract gives you a solid idea of how much it will cost you.

Always check the list of possible expenses and the reasons for such expenses. If the contract lacks any of this, you might end up with more expenses and issues than for which you bargained.

Warranties and Insurance

Dealing with roofing and any other home improvement projects means you need to anticipate risks. Issues such as injury, accidents or property damage are a possibility. At the same time, it helps to have a warranty since materials could have defects not originally noticed.

This is when you need to check your contractor’s insurance and warranty details. For their insurance coverage, check if they have proper policies for their employees and other possible accidents. For warranties, check the details for its use, such as coverage of wind damage or manufacturing defects.

Licenses and Termination Clauses

Two vital papers you will need are the licenses of the roofing contractor and the termination clauses. For licenses, they ensure that a trained professional handles your project. They have benefits, such as access to quality materials, training in the latest and most-effective installation methods and proper knowledge of roofing.

Termination clauses, on the other hand, allow you to end the project under certain conditions. This way, you can bail out of a project without additional expenses, provided the reasons are acceptable and within the definitions of the clause.

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