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Nothing Good Comes Out of a Rushed Job

May 13, 2014

Proposed classical arts center granted extra two years for renovations Image

The point of constructing a house, building, or general structure isn’t to add to the landscape, or getting something done in a specific period. The point of construction is to make structures that will last for years. For example, roofing companies in Northwest Indiana are working with local community groups to finish the work on a classical arts center:

Organizers have been granted a two-year reprieve to finish work on an 84-year-old donated building envisioned as a classical arts center for Northwest Indiana.

The Lake County Commissioners pushed the deadline to mid-2016 for the $3.5 million renovation of the structure at 2323 N. Main St., near the Lake County Government Center.

Plans are to have an occupancy permit by July 2016, said Gloria Tuohy, founding artistic director of Indiana Ballet Theatre and lead organizer of the effort to restore the former nurses’ dormitory for use as a region wide arts center.

The main point that should be emphasized here is the two-year reprieve. This means that the organizers behind the project – for one reason or another – have fallen behind schedule. Getting a reprieve granted is a product of good decision making, wherein the contractors can see where the project is headed if they kept the original schedule, which was certain disaster.

It’s important to have a high level of understanding between workers and leaders, because they all want the same thing at the end of the day. It’s just a matter of making the other side understand where they can help and improve the quality of service.

Nothing good comes out of a rushed job. People are stressed, attention to detail is lost, and accidents happen. All of these factors sum up to a poorly constructed building that’s more likely to collapse under its own weight. In other words, a hasty construction job is nothing more than a grand waste of time. This means that when hiring roofers in Northwest Indiana, consider contractors that never sacrifice quality like Rogers Roofing. After all, we’ve delivered nothing but the best workmanship to homeowners since 1968.

(Article excerpt taken from Proposed classical arts center granted extra two years for renovations,, April 20, 2014)