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Q and A: Answering FAQs About Concrete Tile Roofing

Oct 20, 2017

Reroofing with concrete tiles makes your home better in many ways. As one of the toughest materials on the planet, concrete can stand up to Nature effectively. But, durability isn’t the only benefit tile roofing brings to the table. To further understand why it makes an excellent investment, Rogers Roofing answers the most common questions asked about it:

Tile Roofing

How Long Do Roof Tiles Last?

With proper installation and maintenance, concrete tile roofing systems can outlive the very structure they’re on. They can endure the weather conditions that usually cause other roofs to deteriorate shortly after they’re installed. Concrete roof tiles withstand high winds, resist damage from impact and fire, and remain impervious to earthquakes when fastened per today’s requirements.

Do They Only Mesh With Mediterranean-Style Homes?

Tile roofing is generally associated with Mediterranean architectural movements, but modern manufacturing techniques have broken the mold. Leading manufacturers, like Vande Hey Raleigh, can customize the profiles of concrete tiles to mimic the look of other materials. Contemporary tile roofing products can combine the upscale look of slate and the Old World charm of cedar. In other words, you can now achieve historical accuracy with tile roofing no matter what your home’s style is.

What Is Their Insulation Value?

Concrete roofing tiles promote natural ventilation and reduce direct heat transfer, helping to keep your space cool during summer and warm during winter. Attached to furring strips ported every 16 inches, there’s adequate air space between them and the underlying deck. That empty area allows the roof to breathe, which promotes optimum attic climate and discourages ice damming.

How Much Maintenance Do They Need?

All roofs need some kind of upkeep to stay serviceable, but concrete tiles don’t develop any damage under normal circumstances. Usually, the necessary maintenance is concentrated on other components, such as gutters and pieces of flashing.

Can I Install Them on My Own?

It takes experienced and technically skilled roofers to install concrete roof tiles properly. You may be handy with different tools, but the task becomes extremely complicated when the entire system is in question. You may also lose the warranty that comes with the product if you make any mistakes during the installation. Besides, hiring a reputable contractor, like Rogers Roofing adds more value for your money with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

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