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Roofing Tips to Keep Your Roof Replacement Project on Track

Jun 15, 2018

Roof replacement projects can be difficult if start it without a plan. Sometimes a proactive approach can help you and your roofer trim hours off the roof project itself. Find out today how you can keep roof replacement project on schedule with these tips by roofing expert Rogers Roofing, Inc.

Roof Replacement

Budgeting Properly

Avoid shelling out extra cash during the project by setting up your roofing budget beforehand. Before even hiring a roofing contractor, you should already allocate the exact amount you can spend on your project. Base this amount from the estimated cost of services provided by roofers in the market, and add 10-20% for contingencies.

Choosing the Right Material

Before finalizing your project, review all the roofing material available for you. This is not only limited to your shingles; flashings, vents and even accessories should also be taken into consideration before having them in your project. Weigh the pros and cons of each material, and see which fits your roof replacement the best.

Permit Application

One thing homeowners tend to forget is to apply for permits. Permit applications tend to last for weeks and even months, and if not done earlier, will delay your project. Research the permits required for your project; some roofers even secure the permits for you.

Strategic Scheduling

Lastly, have a detailed calendar schedule. Roofing companies like Rogers Roofing, Inc., can help you set up your calendar and see to it that they are met. Keep in mind that even with a perfect setup, some hindrances can still happen. Spare enough leeway both in time and money to accommodate them if they do occur.

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