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What to Expect During Your Roofing Project

Jul 20, 2018

Properly setting your expectations properly is essential to a successful roofing project. It can be difficult to make sure everything goes smoothly even with careful planning, but being ready can help you overcome any bumps on the road.

Whether you need your roofing system repaired or replaced, Rogers Roofing advises you to prepare for the following:

Roofer Validation

Hiring a trustworthy contractor should go without saying, but many people don’t take every measure to screen candidates thoroughly. A great personality is an attractive roofer quality, but look at the hard facts. Ask for credentials, such as adequate insurance, a valid license and notable affiliations, and verify them.


The bid is more than just a statement of perceived costs. It should also spell out key details about your project. It should contain the job’s expected timeline, list of contractor responsibilities and basic information about the products.

Permit Application

Reliable roofers would attest that obtaining the necessary permits is a prerequisite for the project. Without the go signal from the authorities, the construction can’t begin. They may affect your budget, but they will put more eyes on the job to ensure that the installation is consistent with the building regulations.

Applying for building permits, however, can take a while. In many cases, the government is understaffed. It might take weeks before a reviewer becomes available. Secure them ASAP to avoid further delay.


Normally, roof replacement projects don’t take more than a week. Repairs need even less time. During the construction, though, prepare yourself for the mess and noise. If you’re not used to having a lot of company, you need to adjust to your temporary, new lifestyle with the installation crew.

Additional Cost

Getting your roofing system meticulously inspected doesn’t always uncover every issue early on. Hidden damage, like rotten sheathing or compromised flashing, would affect the job’s schedule and total cost. Plan a contingency budget to process change orders with little fuss and absorb extra expenses more easily.

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