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Gutter Maintenance: Protecting Your House During Winter

Sep 23, 2014

For many people, their houses are their biggest investment. As your home protects you and your family from varying weather conditions, it is important to maintain its structural integrity. One of the ways to do this is to make sure your gutters and roofing in Evergreen Park IL can withstand the elements.

To keep your roof and gutter in good condition, it is important to inspect and clean them regularly. As winter is fast approaching, it is time to have a professional get up on your roof to check and clean your gutter. If you do not clean it, you may have to deal with bigger problems (e.g., sagging gutters) when the rain and snow come. The accumulation of leaves, water, and other debris in your gutter may pull it loose and take the downspout with it.

Your gutter directs water away from your doors, walls, windows, and even your ventilation shafts. Without proper care and protection, water may have a hard time flowing through it, which may lead to two things:

  • The gutter may overflow, causing water damage.
  • During winter, the gutter may become clogged with ice. When this happens, water may back up through your roof, damaging your shingles and causing leaks.

Cleaning gutters ensures that water will be able to flow easily from the roof, through the gutters, and into the downspout. Cleaning, however, can be tiresome for some property owners. Furthermore, doing it by yourself may put you at risk of accidents, including falls. To prepare your home for winter without worrying about accidents, think about hiring our roofers in Chicago to inspect and clean your gutters. In addition, consider getting Leaf Relief® gutter guards so you won’t have to worry about leaves and debris accumulating in your gutter.

 Here are some reasons we recommend Leaf Relief to residential property owners:

  • It can be installed directly onto your gutter system.
  • It stays in place perfectly.
  • It does not affect your home’s curb appeal as it can’t be seen from street level.
  • It can drain about 29.7 inches of water every hour.

There are many ways to protect your investment from varying weather conditions. For fall and winter, schedule gutter cleaning and repair with Rogers Roofing and get Leaf Relief. Contact us for more information on gutter protection, Leaf Relief, and our services.