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Makeover Time: Signs Your Home is in Need of a Remodel – Part 1: Remodeling Your Home – Signs You Need a New Roof

Nov 18, 2016

While every part of your home exterior has an important role in keeping your property safe from the elements, it’s the roof that absorbs the most punishment from various external factors. Roofs are built to last but constant exposure to rain, snow, hail, wind, and even the sun will eventually get to them, resulting in deterioration.

New Roof

While small problems can easily be fixed, serious damage can only be addressed by replacing a roof. Get in touch with a professional roofing contractor ASAP if you’re seeing severe cases of the following:

  • Streaks on the ceiling – A sure sign of extensive moisture damage, streaks signify that enough water has penetrated your roof and is making its way through your home.
  • Missing shingles – Every missing tile or shingle creates a gap in the roofing material, compromising your roof’s functionality.
  • Old or damaged flashing – Faulty flashing exposes joints in roofing material, parts of the roof it should be protecting. With joints exposed, leaks are likelier to happen, resulting in more damage to your home.
  • Rotting or sagging roof – Rot points to damage beyond repair while sagging highlights possible problems with your roof supports as they appear to be no longer supporting your roof as they should. Both pose serious threat not only to your roof but to the rest of your home as well so they should not be ignored.
  • Old age – Once the roof is past its expected lifespan, it’s more likely to develop problems. This means you’ll be spending more on repairs over time just to keep a roof up, so opting for a replacement may be the more practical choice for you. A replacement may cost more upfront than a repair but it will pay for itself in no time, especially with maintenance costs low and energy savings kicking in.

When looking for a roof replacement, make sure you factor in your local climate. You’re going to need your roof to weather through whatever the elements will bring so a replacement that is particularly suited for whatever your general area experiences will surely last, allowing you to make the most of your investment.

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