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We Expertly Assess & Repair Roof Storm Damage in Schererville, IN

Roof shingles damaged by heavy winds and strong storms

When properly installed, a well-designed roof can protect your home or commercial building from the effects of severe weather for many years. Sometimes, though, even a high-performing roof can sustain storm damage. For instance, it’s not uncommon for roofs in Schererville, Indiana, to be inundated by heavy rain, blanketed by several inches of snow, or battered by golf-ball-sized hailstones. What’s more, gusting winds can transform tree branches and other yard debris into flying projectiles that can easily damage a roof.

Sometimes You See It

Certain signs of roof storm damage are glaring and easy to spot. For instance, if you go outside and take a look at your roof after a storm passes, you might notice some newly missing shingles. Or, perhaps a fallen tree branch will be strewn across your roof (and possibly hiding damage underneath it). And inside your home, a tell-tale sign of roof damage is water dripping through the ceiling or down a wall.

Sometimes You Don’t

Others signs of roof storm damage are subtle and more difficult to detect. Although your roof might look perfectly fine from the vantage point of your front yard, there could be some hidden problems lurking within it. For instance, without climbing up onto your roof, you could easily miss some cracked, buckled, or otherwise damaged shingles. And even a slight ding in a shingle can allow water to infiltrate your home and cause significant damage. What’s more, asphalt roof shingles can lose some of their protective granules in a storm, rendering them less effective at protecting your home.

Concerned About Possible Roof Storm Damage? We Can Help

It takes a trained eye to detect many types of roof storm damage. This task—which requires also specialized equipment and safety precautions—is best left to a professional. That’s why you should enlist the help of Rogers Roofing. We’re passionate about roofing, and we expertly perform roof inspections, repairs, and replacements for both residential and commercial customers.

If a storm recently passed through Schererville, IN, and you’re concerned about possible roof damage, don’t delay—contact Rogers Roofing today. We will promptly send an experienced roofing technician to your property to perform a comprehensive assessment of your roof, then explain your options for addressing any roof storm damage we find.

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Customer Reviews

Rating 4.8
Rating 4.8

Professional Roofers

"We couldn't have been more pleased with the work Rogers Roofing did when they replaced our roof this spring! They were professional and responded to all of our inquires and concerns promptly. Their workmen were incredible, cleaning up after themselves as they did they work. Highly recommend Rogers Roofing!"

– Anita B.

The Clear Choice

"Jon Morton was our consultant - quick, friendly, knowledgeable! The roof was knocked out in a single day and it looks great! After getting quotes from two other roofing companies, Rogers was the clear choice based on quality of work and materials, as well as their warranty. Highly recommend!"

– Genesis B.

Great Work

"We have had two major projects done by Rogers Roofing both times with excellent results. They do great work and we highly recommend them."

– Scott J.

Best Customer Service

"Have used Rogers Roofing on 2 occasions for 2 different issues. Their customer service is the best I've dealt with. The quality of work is top notch. They will fix your roof the right way the first time. If you want it fixed right the first time, call Rogers Roofing; I know I will if I have any roofing or siding problems."

– Kevin M.

100% Recommend

"Rogers Roofing did an incredible job on our project recently. Even in the dead of winter they were able to complete a large and time sensitive job with ease. The workers cleaned up the site beautifully and the communication from the office staff was greatly appreciated. Would 100% recommend Rogers for any size of job!"

– Dane B.

Top-Notch Company

"From the first call to the office to the job completed and follow-up , this is a top-notch company that does excellent work and has the most efficient and competent staff and employees. Highly recommended and we will definitely be using them for any future need. Five stars all around!"

– Lynn W.

Fabulous Experience

"I am SO happy that I called Rogers Roofing!! My experience with John Rogers and his staff was fabulous! John came out to my home and personally did the inspection and provided the estimate. They came out a week later to replaced my roof and it looks amazing. His crew did a wonderful job! I came home from work had a new roof, no mess, no trace they were even there. I will be recommending Rogers Roofing to my friends and family!"

– Deanna D.